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    July 12, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31am PDT  

and right now at 11:00 it is the closest our cameras have been allowed to asiana airplane wreckage. we have new images of the fuselage no longer at that crash scene, as crews work around the clock, clearing off that runway to get it back open out at sfo. right now, want to take a look at the difference a week has made here as the plane sat untouched wednesday through sunday as crews began picking up the debris. today, you can see the runway is clear of all major debris. so they have been going non-stop. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez.
san francisco police chief greg sur confirms one of the two girls killed in that crash was, in fact, hit by a fire truck at the scene. however, it is still not known if that played a role in her death. the coroner's office will release a report on her cause of death within weeks. >> so, essentially, the whole area was covered in foam. the fire department was dousing the fuselage with. and therefore, when the fire truck was repositioned, the passenger was found in the tire tracks and that's how the victim was subsequently discovered. >> right now, we continue our coverage on the asiana airlines crash with nbc bay area's bob redell, he is live right near the fuselage of asiana 214. bob this is the closest the media has been allowed to the plane since saturday's crash. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. standing this close to the wreckage of asiana flight 214 makes you realize just how remarkable it is that so many people survived this horrible accident. you also get a sense of how well
built this aircraft was. we have all seen the video of that tail of the plane right over there, clipping you the seawall during the landing last saturday morning and then the plane making that awful turn into the air before slamming down hard into the dirt. and yet through all that violence, this plane did not lose its wings. you can see they are still attached to the fuselage. the front part of the fuselage maintained its tubular shape, you can see did not pancake. the ntsb chairman told us there was hardly any damage to the inside rose and cockpit, looked unscathed, which might explain why the pilot delayed the evacuation by 90 seconds, not realizing how serious the situation was. remember, it wasn't until a flight attendant reported flames outside the window of row ten, about right there, where you see that scorching on the side of the aircraft that's when the pilot ordered the evacuation, then came the fire and finally the destruction of this large airplane. looking through the hole in the back of the front section of the plane, you can see how extensive that fire was. every seat was torched and
flames burned two holes in the roof of the fuselage. passengers were also burn bud no one burned alive. everyone evacuated in one form or another before the plane became engulfed. workers spent the overnight cutting apart this plane so it could be hauled off the grass section at the end of runway 28 l. the largest piece is this front section which extends from the cockpit all the way back to just behind the wings. it took about an hour to haul it over to this remote corner of sfo. a major milestone toward getting that runway back open by tomorro tomorrow. >> we are really on track now. one thing that was an x-factor was removing the wreckage itself. to have that done, we are encouraged, working around the clock to get here. >> "the x-factor" how well it would stay in state? >> we don't know how it was damaged, if it was buckled or be removed. the crews had to assess what needed to happen.
they ended up separating into two major sections to make it easier to move and we are real happy to see it here in this position. >> reporter: you can imagine what it might take to cut an airplane in two, lots of metal grinding against lots of medal. so much friction thatter think morning, smoke poured from the crash site, the fire department able to douse it on the spot so the wreck course continue taking apart flight 214 work will continue around the clock to repave and paint that run way, fix the seawall, runway lights and navigational equipment. the faa will test land an aircraft on that runway to make sure things are safe before reopening it to the flying public. again, their goal is by to the wreckage will remain here for at least another week or two until the airline decides where to either take it off site for storage or salvage. reporting live here at sfo, bobb redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob what a difference it makes up close and personal here. a whole new perspective, very dramatic. right now, we have a brand new
animation to show you, giving utmost detailed look at that crash of asiana 214 this is called forensic animation, correctly scaled and programming with actual speeds, at used to and cockpit recordings. the plane in blue is where the 777 should have been. when the pilot does pull up it is already too late. that main right gear hits first, then the tail just a split second later. the left engine breaks away and the plane becomes airborne briefly as it slides around. now, there's no fire at this point, only a lot of smoke, giving the passengers time to get out alive. as we look at these new photos from inside the plane, we also have an explanation on why doctors were treating so many spinal and neck injuries among economy passengers. with only lap seat belts, many in coach had their heads slammed right into the seat in front of them, while passengers in
business class section had harness seat belts, resulting in no spinal injuries. that is quite the dramatic look inside there as well. now, our coverage of the asiana disaster continues throughout the weekend. a programming note here for you, this saturday, raj mathai hosting an nbc bay area special where you can see an in-depth interview with ntsb chairman, debra hersman and watch survivors reunited with first responders right here in our studio. this one airs saturday night, starting at 6:30. now to a developing story at london's heathrow airport that's where fire on an empty boeing 787 dreamliner forced both of the airport's runways to shut down. no one was on board the ethiopian airline's plane when the fire broke out hours ago. you can see fire trucks at the scene and white fire retardant foam there underneath the plane this is likely to add more pressure on boeing, which has had problems with the
dreamliner. earlier this year, it was grounded over concerns over heated lithium ion batteries. u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano resigning her position to become president of the university of california system. napolitano will be the very first woman to head the ten campus system in its 145-year history. her nomination by a committee of uc regents coming after a secretive process. uc officials believe her cabinet experiences, including helping lead responses to hurricanes and tore need close definitely help uc direct its federal energy and nuclear weapons labs. napolitano has been the homeland security secretary since the start of the obama administration and just the third person to hold that position. now to a developing story in oakland where there's still no sign of 21-month-old daphne webb who has been missing since wednesday morning. take a look at her. investigators been focusing on three locations.
79th and international, where she was reportedly kidnapped, her father's home on greenridge drive and along the martin luther king junior regional shoreline. nbc bays area's christie smith joins us live at oakland with the latest on thisser is much. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. oakland police tell us they are expanding their search for little daphne webb a little farther out than where she was originally reported missing by her father. also going to be looking in the hills and trails behind her father's home. now, this is the third day that she had been missing and still oakland police are trying to establish a very critical timeline and that is the last time that anyone physically saw her with her father. now the 21-month-old little girl was together with her father, john webb, he says on wednesday but he was arrested on suspicious of child endangerment. police tell us they are going to search the trails around the oak
knoll neighborhood where she was with her dad, skyline boulevard, passed out hundreds of fliers and say they will be back today, passion out hundreds more, six blocks out from 79th and international. that's where webb says on wednesday, went into a convenience store, left the little girl in the car with his 87-year-old mom who suffers from dementia. he says he was only in there a short time to get an energy drink and when he came out, daphne was gone. that's where the child endangerment charge comes n the police saying he is not a suspect. they also searched the martin luther king regional shoreline park where webb says he often took his daughter but police say they are probably not going back there today. police have questioned the mother and other family members. >> the mother of daphne webb, our missing little girl, has been very cooperative. the family has been very cooperative and we continue to follow up on any investigative leads, but that is very important are the timelines. so, not only are we talking with the mother, the father and other
family members, but also neighbors in the area. >> reporter: now, we did speak earlier with daphne's grandfather, says he really wants the focus to be back on the little girl and that's not the father's actions. daphne was wearing orange pajamas when she was last seen, what the father says. oakland police say they are still looking into reports of a woman with long, dark hair in the area, with child's clothes matching daphne's description. want to mention back across the street from the police department that john webb is expected here this afternoon regarding those child endangerment charges. he was expected to be here at 2:00. live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. his job was to investigate sex crimes but this morning, he is charged with committing one. tony fregger, a sexual assault investigator for the san jose police department is now on administrative leave. the 33-year-old turned himself in yesterday. he is charged with possession of sexually explicit photos of a
minor, sway felony. the d.a.'s office says fregger first contacted the victim online in 2010, thinking she was an adult but soon after, he learned she was under age and 16 years old. despite that the officer then allegedly asked for and received sexually explicit photos of the girl. >> police officers are entrusted to carry guns, carry batons, protect community and enforce the law. mr. fregger is charged with breaking the law. so the public trust was violated in that regard. it was also violated because a minor was a victim in the case. >> the deputy district attorney says there are no other victims in this case. coming up, paying to you stay in jail. the program state of fremont is trying that gives inmates a more comfortable cell for a price. also, this one turns into a
heroic story, just fighting to stay alive after her boat capsizes. this san francisco girl's uncle swims five hours to get them help. and we are watching warmer temperatures inland right now. already climbing into the mid-70s around the trivalley but fog keeping things cool in san francisco. talk more about a warmup on the way for the weekend when we come right back.
with another strike looming, b.a.r.t. and its two main labor unions back to work on a deal today, sitting back at that bargaining table, the two sides now have until august 5th to try get a new contract hammered out or another strike is, in fact, possible. and while meeting today, nothing is scheduled to take place next week, that's because the agency's chief negotiator will be on vacation. brart workers went on strike for four days last week, shutting down that transit system.
a movie depicting a deadly shooting on a b.a.r.t. platform will open in theaters today in san francisco, l.a. and new york. >> hey, oscar, how are you? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> the movie called "fruitvale" and tells the story of oscar grant, an unarmed b.a.r.t. passenger shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer on new year's day 2009. the movie depicts the last days of grant's life and it was written and directed by ryan kugler, who grew up in the east game. is attracting big-time rave reviews and oscar buzz for its cast. is it a symbol of religious freedom or dangerous when son in a sikh couple is demanding an apology after being asked to leave an east bay movie theater last month. the man and his wife were about to watch "man of steel" at this
amc theaters in emeryville. in the lobby, he says the manager confronted him. >> seems like three or four security guards just kind of pretending not to look at me, kind of giving me sideways glances and so i get my stuff and i'm walking back to the theater to meet my wife and the manager comes up to me and says, excuse me, sir, you know, i understand you have a weapon. and i said i'm not carrying any weapons. i have a religious symbol and then he just says i know all about sikhs, i know what you guys have. >> so here it is, the 5 1/2-inch blade is called a kerpan and stands for freedom, justice and liberty. singh says he has been wearing his under his shirt since second grade and he says he was singled out because of his beard and turban. amc says it stands by its no weapons poll if you can patience you can stay. no, we are not talking about a hotel or a resort. we are talking about a jail.
yeah. take a look at this. inside a fremont police department's 54-bed detention facility. get this. for $155 a night with ann added $45 administration fee, you can stay here serving time for misdemeanors instead of being locked up in a county jail. the money goes towards a private cell and straight to the city of fremont. all part of the department's pay to stay program, a first of its kind here in the bay area. >> smaller, it's more private, there's less hubbub, there's minimal exposure to any other inmates. the only people that will be in the housing pods, the pay to stay people, are fellow pay to stay people. >> pay the price for that less hubbub. now, some people are against this program. they say it favors those who have money. a judge, of course, will have the final say as to whether one can stay at that facility or a county jail. this morning, we have new
details about a man who swam five hours to save his family from a capsized boat. we now know one of those he saved is a little girl from the bay area. john franklin rigging was on a fishing trip near deal island off the coast of maryland when a storm brewed tuesday night. the boat took on water and toppled over. riggs left family members klinking to the boat and swam to shore in a sea full of stinging jellyfish. after five hours, he made it to shore and knocked on the door of a home for help. state police and the coast guard found the boat and rescued riggs' father, his sister, his 3-year-old nephew and his 9-year-old niece that 9-year-old girl is emily horn, a fourth grader visiting from san francisco. in an interview with a local newspaper, horn calls her uncle "a real hero." she also says the next time the family goes fishing, she will go, but only if the water is really shallow. >> i can't blame her on that, right? >> ricks says everyone on board the vote was wearing life jacket which is likely helped save their lives.
>> sounds like a movie script. >> might be. might be. >> true superstar and hero. great. thanks a lot. check in with rob mayeda. christina loren has date off. talk about a decent looking weekend thought? >> like warmer weather, we got you covered there, like the san francisco fog, we have got that, too. you can see what it's doing to the temperatures around the bay area now, inland locations running a few degrees warmer than yesterday at the same time, only 62 in san francisco with the fog, 73 now in livermore and 70 in san jose. you can see here how the south bay, san jose, morgan hill, four to seven degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, trivalley included, but a little cooler here into the north bay, where some of that fog is sticking around, seabreeze still blowing into fairfield and into livermore. but a little less some the marine layer is going to get compressed down, it is going to allow our inland vally to warm up, a few more degrees into the weekend. quite foggy in the coast, west of the golden gate over san francisco, a gloomy day i santa cruz, still seeing the low clouds there, we go through the afternoon, should see some of this begin to break up, but it
will be a cool day on the coast, thanks to that strong seabreeze and the change for the weekend. high pressure is going to try to build back a little bit closer to the bay area, enough to get more 80s and maybe near 90 for the weekend. not much changes on the coast, temperatures staying near the 60s and 70s, low clouds spill back in across the bay once again, head through the rest of the afternoon, some mid-80s inland today, seabreeze cooling us off, we head to the evening. compare this to tomorrow afternoon's temperatures, there you start to see some 90s out there by antioch, even near san jose, warming up quite a bit for saturday afternoon. this miniwarmup, mainly impacting inland val police top of the screen, not much change on the coast, the seabreeze will pick up and turn stronger again, just in time to head back to work on monday, see those inland temperatures cooling off approaching monday and tuesday. back to you. >> already talking about heading back to work on monday. >> don't get ahead of yourself. take this weekend and saver it. >> thank you, rob. dozens line up early in the morning in the south bay.
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hundreds of parents lining up this morning in san jose for free school supplies. sacred heart community services 11th annual pack a back campaign kicked off this morning. you could see these, dozens of people started lining up as early as 4:00 this morning, they are bundled up, it was pretty cold this morning. parent or low-income families is chance to sign up for their kids for one of 2300 free backpacks that are full of all sorts of goodies and sun is place. those backpacks will be handed out next month. organizer says, on average, parents sbend about $60 on basic school supplies that's almost a full day's pay for some minimum wage workers. >> really great program out
there glad to see that. one florida family, they thought they were the targets of vandals after this found some u.n. expected damage to their suv. it turns out the culprit, get this, just a hungry squirrel. take a look at this see the guy there nibbling away at the suv and leaving behind some decent sized holes right above the tire. some animal experts say squirrels have been known to, yeah, chew right through car wires and you can see through metal. that's not unusual for this little guy to look for a place to nest. however, when they are hungry, they got to eat. the family says they are just going to wait until the squirrel is actually full before they go out and get their suv fixed. >> wow. they got some strong tooths. >> tooths. yeah. >> strong teeth. >> i was wondering if they had insurance, squirrel insurance. >> dental coverage. coming up, see this the human helicopter, yeah, we know it sounds crazy, but it is actually for real. >> we will show it to you after the break.
finally this morns, more than 500 years after leonardo da vinci displayed his genius designing these, we are seeing a human-powered helicopter. it sun believable. look at this designed and built by a canadian aviation team called aravello. and it is manpowered by pedalling a bike. >> awesome. >> this show here is part of an unusual contest lasted for three decades. in the winning flight, the helicopter had to fly for one minute and reach an altitude of ten feet. they did it, capping months of hard work and unrelenting dedication. the american aviation society came one this contest for the human helicopter. and guess how much money they earned? >> i have no idea. >> $250,000. >> wow. that's like a million dollar invention. >> i think they earned more than that, they deserve more than that. >> i agree 1,000%. >> thank you for being with us. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. have a great weekend, everybody.
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